Synergie Cellulite Reduction

The Synergie cellulite reduction system is a non-surgical treatment that has been approved by the FDA to reduce cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, legs, and hips.*

What is the Synergie Cellulite Reduction System?

The Synergie cellulite reduction system uses revolutionary, vacuum massage technology proven to smooth and tighten the skin, while improving circulatory function.* This non-surgical treatment has been approved by the FDA to reduce cellulite on the buttocks, thighs, legs and hips. However, this treatment can also be applied to the face for tightening loose skin and reducing wrinkles.* If you are familiar with cellulite reduction and have received treatments in the past, request your appointment at Abbracci Med Spa in Redondo Beach.

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I’m not familiar with Synergie; how does it work?

Synergie uses Vacuum Massage Technology that uses a variety of suction and pressure techniques to get the body’s cells to release the liquid that causes cellulite.* Those suction and pressure techniques also increase lymph node activity that helps to remove toxins from the body.* This unique system is able to stimulate the subcutaneous level of the skin that is not accessible with a traditional massage. Subdermal massages can change the fat content of cells and remove any excess fat through the body’s lymphatic system.*

What can I expect during treatment?

The treatments are painless, relaxing and feel similar to a traditional massage.* The effects of the treatment are cumulative. If you need to stop treatments for any reason, you can resume them later and still see changes.* The procedure usually lasts 30-40 minutes. Synergie does not require anesthesia or needles and treatments can be done from our med spa in Redondo Beach.

What can I expect from the results?

Results vary and you can schedule a series of treatments for optimal results.* In some cases, 16 treatments may be needed, which comes down to 2 treatments a week for 2 months. After 6 treatments, cellulite reduction is noticeable for most patients.* We recommend that you drink plenty of water throughout the treatment period to help eliminate those cellulite causing fluids. Cellulite causing fluids can come back even after the 2-month period of treatments, so patients need to come back monthly for maintenance procedures.* Synergie only guarantees cellulite reduction, not the complete elimination of cellulite. Additionally, this is not a weight loss treatment.

How much does cellulite reduction cost?

At Abbracci Med Spa, we charge:

  • Individual treatment – $95**
  • Series of 8 treatments – $679**
  • Series of 12 treatments – $959**
  • Series of 16 treatments – $1200**

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*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.
**Prices subject to change.

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