Tips on Preparing your Skin for Waxing

Who doesn’t want to stay smooth and hairless for weeks? Or, if you have a special event coming up – wedding,

Who doesn’t want to stay smooth and hairless for weeks? Or, if you have a special event coming up – wedding, vacation or party – waxing is a great option for keeping unwanted hair in check. But there are some things you need to do to prepare for this quick treatment, whether it’s a small area like your bikini area, eyebrows or upper lip, or a larger expanse of skin, like your legs. Here are some ways to prepare before your wax appointment at Abbracci Med Spa.

  1. Skin Condition: take a look at your skin and its condition. If there is any broken skin, cuts, or inflammation, you will want to wait for it to heal before waxing that area.
  2. Hair Length: leave it alone and let it grow. The wax needs some hair to adhere to. If your hair is too short, the wax can’t pick it up to remove it. Likewise, when it’s too long, it can cause discomfort. The perfect amount of growth is 2-3 week’s worth, and about 1/8 – ¼ inch long.
  3. Cleansing: don’t overdo it with cleansing and exfoliation in the days leading up to your wax appointment, as over-cleansing & exfoliation can make your more sensitive and lead to discomfort. If you usually exfoliate daily, consider switching to a soft washcloth and don’t scrub hard.
  4. Moisturizing: avoid moisturizing on the day of your appointment. Too much moisture interferes with the wax’s ability to coat the skin, which will make removal more difficult and potentially painful.
  5. Hydrate: surely you’ve read how important it is to stay hydrated. Regular water consumption not only benefits your health, but also your skin. It also helps when you are having an area waxed as hydrated skin is plumped skin, and plumped skin helps with the release of hair more easily.
  6. Skip the Retin-a! This is super important! Retin-a is a powerful exfoliant, and strips the skin in layers to allow new cell turnover. Most times, this is a good thing and results in beautiful, clear and soft skin. This chain of events, however, will make you extremely sensitive to waxing and will most certainly result in reddened areas that will feel burned. You should discontinue Retin-a at least 5 days prior to waxing, and let your aesthetician know.

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