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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, are you ready? If you’re wondering what to get the man in your life – whether it’s your husband,

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, are you ready? If you’re wondering what to get the man in your life – whether it’s your husband, boyfriend, father, son, or uncle – quality skin care is a great idea. How many men actually take the time to research and investigate good skin care options? It’s not usually on their radar, and that’s where we come in, the women in their lives, to save their skin (again)!

Cleanse & Moisturize

Cleanse & Moisturize – this is the first step in a good skin care regime. iS Clinical Cleansing Gel is a gentle formula that combines bio-nutrients, antioxidants and ingredients that have a mild resurfacing complex to cleanse the skin without stripping its’ natural oils. It’s an excellent pre-shave treatment that smoothes and softens the skin without drying it. After shaving, follow with SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel which is a moisture enhancing gel that contains hyaluronic acid (remember, we’ve been talking about how our skin loses this natural compound as we age) which helps replenish nutrients and leaves the skin feeling soft, supple and smooth.

Protect + Correct

Protect & Correct – Men can age gracefully just as well as women can…with a little help. It’s not all about slowing down the aging process, it’s also about protecting the skin and correcting any missteps from the past (days at the beach with no sunscreen?). First of all, and one of our favorite subjects, sunscreen is a must – every. single. day. Rain or shine, make sure he doesn’t leave the house without sunscreen. La Roche Posay Anthelios SX is an excellent daily moisturizer that provides 24-hour hydration and UVA/UVB protection, and is formulated to be tolerated by all skin types. SkinCeuticals Phloretin CF is a daytime antioxidant serum that protects from environmental free-radicals (pollution, smog) and evens the skin tone, diminishes dullness, discoloration and once absorbed, remains effective for 72 hours (it doesn’t wash off!).

If he’s concerned about crow’s feet, or wrinkles in the corners of the eyes, introduce him to an eye cream as well. We carry two products that we recommend repeatedly; iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex, which targets skin damage and contains key growth factors and antioxidants that reduce the look of wrinkles, puffiness and under-eye circles, and protect the area all day long; and RejuveMD Complete Eye Treatment, which contains bio-identical growth factors that targets lines, wrinkles, dark circles and under-eye bags that are caused by fluid retention related to genetics, fatigue, sinuses and allergies.

If you’re confused about which product is best for you, or your man, we are always here for you! Give us a call, or stop by, and we can help sift through the product and help you put together a skin care routine that he will love.

The best part? You can use it too! ❤

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