July Special: Laser Hair Removal

Happy July! We hope you are enjoying your summer and have lots of plans and special times scheduled with friends and family.

Abbracci Med Spa July 2018 Special: Laser Hair Removal

Happy July! We hope you are enjoying your summer and have lots of plans and special times scheduled with friends and family.

New Website!

We’ve been busy here at Abbracci Med Spa! If you haven’t noticed, we have a new website and we are super proud of the easier navigation and increased information we can share with you. We are still ironing out some kinks, but please take a look and let us know your thoughts! One new feature is the ability to request an appointment directly on the site, which has already been used by many. Also, please note we have a new web address – www.abbraccimedspa.com so please change any bookmarks!

Riviera Village First Friday!

We are also happy to announce that we will be participating in Riviera Village First Friday this month on Friday, July 6. There will not be med spa services available, but the boutique will be open until 8 pm that evening and we are offering 10% off the boutique between 5 – 8 pm. If you haven’t been down to the Village on First Friday, we hope you’ll check it out, there is live music in two areas and such a great community vibe!

July Special!

On to the Special! If it’s July, it’s time for Laser Hair Removal! This special is only offered twice a year and it’s the best deal in town.

Whether you want to rid yourself of dark facial hair (upper lip, chin, sideburns), or simplify your shaving routine (underarms, legs, bikini), laser hair removal is an excellent way to keep unwanted hair in check.

Lumenis High-Speed LightSheer Duet

At Abbracci Med Spa, we use the High-Speed LightSheer Duet system, by Lumenis, which is a laser that produces a large beam of highly concentrated light and produces very reliable results. Additionally, we have two handpiece apparatuses available: The LightSheer High-Speed handpiece uses vacuum-assisted technology, with a laser light, to allow for rapid and comfortable treatments of large areas (i.e. back, chest & legs) and the LightSheer ET handpiece is perfect for smaller areas (i.e. face, bikini, underarms).

For a mid-summer treat, we have laser hair removal specials in packages of 3 treatment sessions. They must be purchased in these packages. Why 3 treatment sessions? Because, if you are just getting started, it will take at least 3 monthly sessions to remove the hair from the follicle. After that, you may need periodic touch-ups to keep the area hair free. Once the package is purchased, you have 1 year to use all three treatments, so it works well if you’re just starting, or to touch up during the year! For more information, and to read more about the benefits of purchasing a treatment package, please read this post.

Underarm $75 (savings $72)
Partial arms $285 (savings $72)
Full arms $417 (savings $90)
Full chest $597 (savings $300)
Full Back $597 (savings $300)
Ears $117 (savings $60)
Neck $117 (savings $30)
Lower face (savings $72)
Lip $57 (savings $30)
Chin (savings $30)
Bikini $225 (savings $75)
Brazilian Bikini $300 (savings $147)
Full legs $597 (savings $300)
Partial legs $375 (savings $150)

If you have any questions about Laser Hair Removal, please call us at the Med Spa and we are happy to discuss whether this is a good option for you. We are always here to assist you at 310-375-0717.

These special prices on Laser Hair Removal expire July 31, 2018.

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