December Package Specials – Facials & Body Treatments

December is here and we’re feeling festive! We’ve had a lot of great specials the last couple of months and we are sending 2019 out with a bang!

December Specials at Abbracci Med Spa

December is here and we’re feeling festive! We’ve had a lot of great specials the last couple of months and we are sending 2019 out with a bang! We are offering our most popular treatments in packages of 3 – perfect for gifting, even if it’s just for yourself (#selfcare).

Micropeel Facial

This facial is rarely on special so this is the time to buy a package! Our Micropeel Facial is our #1 medical-grade facial treatment that manually exfoliates the skin by using a blade with a butter edge knife that removes a micro-thin top layer of skin, which frees impacted debris from the pores. This procedure does temporarily removes facial hair.

Set of 3 = $300 (save $30)

Oxygen Facial

Our Oxygen Facial treatment is the perfect procedure to refresh, plump and add hydration to the skin. You can easily combine an oxygen facial with dermaplaning if desired. There is no downtime, in fact, this facial is perfect before a big event because you will G L O W.

Set of 3 = $417 (save $60)

IPL Photofacial

Winter is the perfect time to do an IPL Photofacial, as the sun is less strong and we spend less time outdoors. Three treatments are actually the optimum plan, and they can be done 4 weeks apart. If you book your IPL procedures for January/February/March, you will have beautifully clear and smooth skin for springtime!

Set of 3 = $597 (save $78)

Restorative Vitamin C Facial

This is a very generous special price for one of our newer and most popular treatments that will lighten and brighten your complexion. Our Restorative Vitamin C Facial uses glycolic acid and vitamin c, both of which provide skin protection, and the combination of the two has great anti-aging benefits, uncovering a lighter and brighter complexion.

Set of 3 = $390 (save $60)

Cynosure Fractional Laser

The Fraxel Laser treatment is a non-invasive laser treatment that smooths the skin and reduces unwanted signs of aging, including wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, acne scars and stretch marks, with very little downtime. This laser treatment uses light energy heat to refresh the skin by stimulating collagen and elastin production, which plumps up deep wrinkles and fades scars.

Set of 3 treatments $900 ($150 savings)

Venus Legacy

Venus Legacy is a non-invasive body treatment that uses Radio Frequency, Magnetic Pulse Therapy & VeriPulse technology, which is a type of deep heat treatment, to achieve superior clinical results in skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, fat reduction and the temporary reduction of cellulite. The heating of the dermis that occurs during the treatment causes a reaction in the tissues, and the body is stimulated to heal itself, which causes the growth of new collagen, an elastic fiber that plumps the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Set of 8 = $895 (3 free – save $447)

All of these specials are packages of three treatments (except Venus Legacy), and they must be used by December 31, 2020. You may buy more than one package (which is a great idea at these prices!).

Indulge in a package now at a discounted price, and you’ll have no excuse to not pamper yourself through the year!

And of course, all of us at Abbracci Med Spa wish you and your family a very happy holiday!

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