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Hello lovely. You get regular facials, right? And by regular, we mean, every 6 to 8 weeks – not every 6 months.

Hello lovely. You get regular facials, right? And by regular, we mean, every 6 to 8 weeks – not every 6 months. We all love how our skin feels after a facial – soft, supple, full of moisture and positively glowing! But how do you extend those benefits, and that feeling, long term? Here are some suggestions.

First things first: your skin reactions are individual. Also, depending on the kind of facial you receive, your skin may react differently. In most cases, immediately following your facial, in addition to the benefits noted above, you may also experience some redness and breakouts. This is due to the impurities in your skin being brought to the surface during, and immediately after, your facial.


Be careful with your cleansing immediately following a facial. Your aesthetician has most likely exfoliated your skin during the treatment; going home and being over-zealous in your scrubbing and using a harsh cleanser can irritate your skin further. Go easy, and use a gentle cleanser.

We recommend Epicuren Herbal Cleanser – it’s a mild, foaming gel that cleanses the skin without stripping it of its’ moisture levels.


If you have undergone a chemical peel, or aggressive exfoliation, please stay out of the sun! Your skin will be more sensitive. You may also notice that your chemical sunscreen is uncomfortable; if you notice any burning or stinging, do not use it. Instead, practice sun abstinence, and use a broad-brimmed hat if you must be outside.

We recommend switching to a titanium oxide sunscreen, like Epicuren Zinc Oxide Perfecting Sunscreen SPF27, which is a naturally formulated product and should not irritate your skin. Be aggressive with your application of sunscreen for at least a week – and please, use sunscreen everyday! It’s the most powerful anti-aging product there is!

Moisturizing and Beyond

As far as moisturizing and anti-aging product, this is a personal decision based on your skin type, age and other environmental factors. The best advice is to talk to your aesthetician after your facial for product recommendations that best suit you and your lifestyle.

And remember, regular facials will help you improve your skins’ appearance over the longterm. Try to make them a habit, your skin will thank you!

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